My trip to Peru: the Spirit inside of stone



The trip that marked a turning point in my artistic interpretation is in Peru.

I lived in Peru about two months, mainly between the valley of Cusco, where there is the famous Machu Picchu sacred place, and the jungle near Pucallpa, also famous for the shamanic practices of the Shipibo Tribe.

I began the journey in the Andean city Cusco: it is just amazing!!! Of all the people I met around the world, and they visited Peru, each one is fascinated by Cusco. This is the capital of the Inca Empire , the Tahuaninsuyo (the empire of the Four Regions and the “Navel of the world”).

vista-panoramica-cusco1puma1Puma-1imperio-inca machu_picchu_ubicacion    Panorama of Mysterious city - Machu Picchu, Peru,South America

Cusco or Qosqo was built at 3.400m in the shape of an enormous puma. The body of the puma contained the most important palaces, temples and governmental buildings.

Why building a whole city in a Puma shape ? Just for aesthetic reasons ? Is a lot of job isn’t? 

Incas building the city in the shape of the Puma for bring bring in the constraction the energy animal power, and every is body parts have a different energy and so they building a different city area.

From Cusco to Machu Picchu is the Incas Sacred Valley. 

milky-way IMG_3431_zps3c9bf2c8img_2476 the-sacred-valley-of-the-incas-1 SacredValley400-358  Map-of-Cusco-Sacred-Valley

Every temple and city building long the Sacred valley is a reflection of the stars in the Milky Way. The shapes and names of stars, are different from the Greek astronomy: the Incas saw in the stars the shapes of their sacred animals: lama, snake, fox, frog… So they building areas in the cities, that have the shape of lama… for bring to Earth is Sacred Power.

In the city of Ollantaytambo  in a cuge big rock in the montain, we can see easily a face and the body of someone bringing in his back a bag.

The Incas interpreted this shape like the Wiracochan, the preacher of the knowledge that had come from the stars to the Earth, and taught the Incas technology, science and art.

What had shocked me, is that the Incas saw in the rock the shape of a face. It remindered them the legendaryof the Wiracocha pilgrim. It’s meaning for them that  in the mountain there is the Spirit of  Wiracocha. So they decided to worship this mountain.

So what fascine me of the Incas culture is: they looking for a secret message of the Divine, close inside the natural forms of stones, mountains, valley…

These observations long all my trip in the Sacred Valley, bring to my mind that since I was a child I had always seen in the rocks human faces or in the clouds the shapes of animals… So if the Incas, who had built a huge empire (from Ecuador to Argentina), saw and gave importance to the the forms in the rocks and mountains … maybe I was right to feel it and see it me too…

Throughout the journey we begin to see more and more faces and bodies hidden in the stones and in the mountains forms.
He began to grow in me the consciousness that the natural form of a stone tells the spirit that resides inside.

corinnacarrara_paintingboudha_1024webbreathstone_100x160_corinnacarrara_1024web connectionstone_photo_corinnacarrara_1024webconnectionstone_100x140_corinnacarrara_1024web theobserverportrait_photo_corinnacarrara_1024web   stoneartportrait_photograpy_corinnacarrara_1024web the flexible_95x135_corinnacarrara_1024web

So thank you to this beautiful trip in Peru, I can connect again to this old knowledge.

After a year from this trip, I started to really manifest this “new way of feeling” by painting onto the rocks and trees, to bring out the shape that I see enclosed inside. That is his Energy-Spirit of the stone. I simply use the colors bringing out the lines of the energy-spirit that I see enclosed.

Painting natural element, monster people that all matter is alive, all matter is energy, all matter is Spirit.
This leads the viewer of my works, as the observer of ceremonial centers in Peru: the man is not separate from the Earth, we are togheter alive.
The Incas believed that the Earth was a living organism, just like humans, they called the World: Pachamama. The Mother Earth was respected and venerated because they knew that she was alive and his health is important for their lives.

So in my paintings up stone, I carry over to life the worship of Pachamama, I invite the viewer to look around, feel the enegy in all things, become aware of it and then begin to act in a new way, listening to such mail that Nature gives us and respecting each living being.