Work in progress: California 1



Are few months, I’m living in the North of California.

I start painting up a beautiful stone… she was the first one attract my attention. I love her color, her shape. The dimension and the highter was perfect for work comfortable.

I share the work in progress pictures.


innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_1 innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_2 innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_3 innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_4innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_5innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_6innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_7
I painted in multiple sessions.
Not every day I get the right inspiration …

In the future I gonna print some of this pictures on canvas. Painting up with oil colors and make some news artworks for my series elements.

I also try to make some mirrored effects, for my serie parallel 11… and is so interesting…


innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_8 innerworldofastone_workinprogres_corinnacarrara_9


Can You see the elements inside ? Small faces and details ?