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Parallel Art

8 giugno 2016

Wirikuta connection: always magic !


  Wirikuta is a site, sacred to the Wixarrica Indians high in the mountains of central Mexico, between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Zacatecas ranges. In Wixarricas's mythology it is believed the world was created in Wirikuta. Was great coming back to the Sacred Wirikuta Valley. A ...

7 giugno 2016

Work in progress: California 1


  Are few months, I'm living in the North of California. I start painting up a beautiful stone... she was the first one attract my attention. I love her color, her shape. The dimension and the highter was perfect for work comfortable. I share the work in progress ...

29 marzo 2016

My trip to Peru: the Spirit inside of stone


  The trip that marked a turning point in my artistic interpretation is in Peru. I lived in Peru about two months, mainly between the valley of Cusco, where there is the famous Machu Picchu sacred place, and the jungle near Pucallpa, also famous for the shamanic practices of the Shipibo ...

23 marzo 2016

My blog is born !!!


  I am very happy that I finally overcame my laziness, and  my blog exists: welcome to my blog ! Thank you to the author Austin Kleon and his book "Show your work!" (, because he really transmit me the necessity to have my own blog. I'm Corinna, I'm an artist: ...